The Secret Life of Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine Addiction: Chemical Slavery

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Most people would be totally surprised to find out someone close to them, even a very successful relative, might have a secret life — a shady existence that revolves around cocaine and drugs. The drug addict could be your rich neighbor, your brother or sister, even one of your children.

The late comedian, Richard Pryor, used to joke that “Cocaine is God’s way of telling you that you make too much money!” While that may have been true in the 1980’s when Cocaine was the drug of choice for the rich and famous, but now cocaine addiction can be found in every economic level of societies worldwide.

Cocaine feels good, and that euphoric feeling, caused by a chemical reaction in the brain, makes the user want more… and more… and more…. Who wouldn’t want to feel on top of the world? Who wouldn’t want to escape from their problems, retreating into a fantasy world in which everything is so incredibly “happy” and “fun”?

It feels so good…¬†Until it doesn’t…

With repeated use, Cocaine actually changes the addict’s brain. The chemicals which allow us to think clearly and feel happy get used up, and the result is depression — not the kind of depression you might feel from losing your job, or getting a failing grade on a test. It’s a physiological depression involving extreme fatigue and an overwhelming inability to think clearly. Cocaine Addiction upsets your body’s chemical balance.

Most addicts devote whatever energy they have left to finding more Cocaine. It’s a vicious circle, and relief is very short-lived. It’s no coincidence that cocaine addiction often is referred to as a form of ¬†chemically induced slavery.

There is a way out. It’s not necessarily easy. The good news is that it really is possible to get through cocaine addiction, and actually feel happy again without drugs. On this site, you will find articles on all types of cocaine rehab programs and drug abuse treatments, and more importantly, stories and comments by people who have been through them.

We hope you find the right path to break free from cocaine addiction for you or your loved one on these pages. Thanks for visiting.


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