Cocaine Use

Methadone Effects : Effects of Methadone Mixed With Other Drugs

Methadone Effects : Effects of Methadone Mixed With Other Drugs — When methadone is mixed with other drugs, it can cause adverse effects on the central nervous system. Find out how methadone can be lethal when mixed with al…

Chicago's Violence Tied to Policies of Rahm's Past
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Open but Can Youth Get a Go?

Open but can youth get a go?
WHAT responsibilities does the PM attach to his statement, that Australia is open for business? Many years ago, the then chief of the Los Angeles police department, chided business leaders for their lack of responsibility to youth. He was particularly …
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What Effects Does Cocaine Have on the Body?

Question by : What effects does cocaine have on the body?
I have always wondered about it. I have read somewhere that it enhances your personality. How does it enhance your personality? Also what if your an asshole?

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Answer by daisythecow
Short-term cocaine effects include:
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Increased Drug Consumption in Inhambane, Passive Police Response

Increased Drug Consumption in Inhambane, Passive Police Response
The effect on your body is the same as a diesel-powered car; just look at the smoke exhaled". Some people we spoke to that have …. We side with the police. Inhambane has a lot of drug consumption. We have young people… Continue reading

There Was Nothing Pedestrian About One Edward P Weston

There was nothing pedestrian about one Edward P Weston
Doctors back two GPs who want cannabis use legalised. One of the Victorian and … The feat was described by the Royal Society as "the greatest recorded labour that any human being has ever undertaken without injury", and was part of… Continue reading

Answering Key Questions Around Mitch McGary, NCAA Drug-Testing Policies

Answering key questions around Mitch McGary, NCAA drug-testing policies
A: The new legislation goes into effect on August 1, 2014 and applies to any drug test administered on or after that date. The NCAA rarely goes back … Other drugs typically used recreationally like cocaine and meth are considered… Continue reading

Criminals in the Shadows of the Business World

Criminals in the shadows of the business world
They are looking at the how to use the competitive advantage they have by not feeling bound by any legislation. They can undercut any legit company in this country and compete for contracts, …. The traditional image of drugs, such as cocaine… Continue reading

Mentally Ill 'Dying 20 Years Early' Due to Drug Side-Effects

Mentally ill 'dying 20 years early' due to drug side-effects
THOUSANDS of people with long-term psychiatric illnesses are dying 20 years prematurely because the side-effects they develop from medication are not being properly monitored, doctors have warned.
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What Are the Benefits of Cocaine?

Question by : What are the benefits of cocaine?

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Answer by Honey Badger
You’ll make some hulking black guy in prison very happy when he starts pounding that ass.

Answer by xjoizey
Addiction, Stealing from family and friends to buy the drug. Lose your job,… Continue reading

Can Someone Tell Me the Effects of Cocaine?

Question by : Can someone tell me the effects of cocaine?
I’m a teenager, but plenty of teenagers do drugs. I’m a pretty good student, but I’m not that social. I have a couple of friends that do cocaine, and they said they love it and getting… Continue reading