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I’m a Crystal Meth Addict, My Face Has Sores All Over It?

Question by I’m great thanks: I’m a crystal meth addict, my face has sores all over it?
from me picking it. how can I look normail again after 4 years use and get back with my family and littlw brother without trying to sell him to the local perert… Continue reading

Any Alcohol Rehab Programs in Bread Loaf, Vermont?

Question by janelle: Any alcohol rehab programs in Bread Loaf, Vermont?
My friend Emily’s parents are pretty strict. They don’t allow her to attend parties, all-girl sleepovers, and even road trips. They want her to focus all her attention to her studies. There’s nothing wrong with being that dedicated… Continue reading

Why Do Meth Abusers Have Formication (Delusions of Parasites or Insects on the Skin) ?

Question by heidi v: Why do meth abusers have formication (delusions of parasites or insects on the skin) ?
And what exactly does meth do to the brain?

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Answer by d_kubala3183
go to it should tell you everything you need to know

Give your answer to… Continue reading