Cocaine Addiction: Conquering the Beast

You Can Beat Cocaine Addiction

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Many great cocaine addiction treatment centres are available in just about every country around the world, so if you suspect friends or family are using cocaine, it’s very important that you seek treatment as soon as possible.

Prolonged use of cocaine has extremely detrimental effects on the body, and the consequences related to cocaine addiction and abuse can eventually lead to serious damage to vital organs and even death.

People who try cocaine often get hooked because of the short term effects — a feeling of increased energy and euphoria. This instant high allows the user to feel very energetic and enables them to endure physical activities for much longer than normal. That’s how cocaine addiction begins.

New cocaine users often try cocaine to improve work so they can work harder and longer. While in theory this may seem like a good idea, the long term the effects are extremely serious and can lead to stroke, heart attack, brain damage and severe psychosis.

With continued use, many cocaine addicts develop a high tolerance to the drug and need an ever increasing dose to attain the same pleasurable and high energy effects. Users continue to use cocaine seeking the same feeling they had the first time they used it.

For people addicted to cocaine, this feeling becomes harder and harder to experience, and ultimately becomes impossible to reach as the drug creates chemical imbalances in the body and brain.

The short-term effects of cocaine addiction use include: increased blood pressure, constricted blood vessels, dilated pupils, mental alertness, increased energy, increased heart rate, decreased appetite and increased temperature.

Cocaine addiction over many years can lead to long-term effects, some of these effects include: addiction, paranoia, irritability, restlessness, hallucinations, mood disturbances and cocaine psychosis.

Many cocaine addiction treatments specialise in understanding the effects of habitual use, and finding the right cocaine treatment program will help the addict to conquer the beast and kick the cocaine habit for good.

Most cocaine addiction rehab centres understand the pain of addiction and provide drug treatments that are customised to each individual eventually leading to full rehabilitation.

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