AM I Addicted to Drugs??

Question by annaadri: AM i addicted to drugs??
I just turned 16 which im pretty young. I have been doing drugs since i was 13 but now its just become really bad. Earlier last septemeber i tried cocaine and since then iv been doing it off and on atleast 3 times a week.. Im nto exactly shure if im addictied as stupid as it sounds. I know im a very different person after doign drugs for a while. Sometimes i get hives ( my whole life i am neevr allergic to anything!) but im nto shure if this is from drugs… iv also been taking extacy and smoking opium too and i know if this has a affect. I don’t have withdrawls from coke either feeling like shit and sometimes hvaing the runss : ( !! and being in a bad mood or feelign a little nauseas. I just dont know much about this stuff. need some helpp??

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Answer by e.buddha
Stop taking drugs, it’s not worth it.

Answer by happy girl
I think so. I’m so happy u realize you need help. Is there someone you can go to that u trust that will put u in a rehab program? You are soooo young and have your whole life ahead of you. It would be wonderful if you could get on the right track. your are going to need some professonal help to get off these drugs. Good luck

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