Any Alcohol Rehab Programs in Bread Loaf, Vermont?

Question by janelle: Any alcohol rehab programs in Bread Loaf, Vermont?
My friend Emily’s parents are pretty strict. They don’t allow her to attend parties, all-girl sleepovers, and even road trips. They want her to focus all her attention to her studies. There’s nothing wrong with being that dedicated to your studies but I think that Emily deserves to have some fun too. I mean, she’s still young and she needs to go out with her friends some time. Emily feels kinds locked up when we were in high school. When we entered college, Emily had the time of her life! She did all those things that she wasn’t allowed to do before and that included drinking. She became obsessed with drinking and now she has a problem with alcohol. We went to separate universities so I wasn’t able to keep an eye on her. I’m going to visit her in a few days and we both agreed that she needs an alcohol rehab program. Please help us find one in Bread Load, Vermont. Thanks.

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Answer by brad
Your friend got kinda excited about being off the leash huh? That’s the problem with late bloomers – they’re more dangerous! Be too strict and they’ll rebel against you. Oh well, Emily is pretty lucky because she has a friend like you! Below this, I’ve entered some websites that you may want to visit to get some information about rehabs and stuff. Good luck with your visit and I wish you well. Your friend’s gonna be okay ‘coz you’re gonna be there for her.

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