Anyone Know Anything About Methadone Treatment?

Question by Ashley F: anyone know anything about methadone treatment?
Hi.i am just curious of others experiences. My husband and I have been on methadone for a year now. at a local methadone treatment center in our area. We have 3 kids. and our lives have improoved 9483% since treatment. we been together a total of 5 years and the first 3 were nothing but insance drug abuse.(herione,pills,oxy’… crack cocaine) we said enoughs enough and went into treatment without looking back, even moved to get away from drug dealers to advoid some temptations.My ? is tho, how long do u think I should stay in recovery? Im scared to be there “Forever”…but i dont thikn im ready to come out yet. I still go thru withdrawn some in the A.m. before my dose.It has saved our relationship and family.this clinic. so im glad for that. but can it do more harm then good in the long run? should we get into counceling? any one with any info im all ears! i kno what the ppl say at the clinic, My dr. and nurses and stuff. But i would like real like experiances

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Answer by miss renee
you still have withdraw and still need treatment! keep up the good work. it is tough but worth it! do as the clinic says.

Answer by Karas
ok first off. I’m very proud of you. I’ve been where you are and it takes a very strong person to get out of the situation. I was addicted to coke, speed, x. Stay in treatment until you don’t have withdraws and feel mentally stable. You should get into therapy(they have some thats free) and thinking about putting your kids into it if they are not little children. I went to a rehab/mental ward after i decided to quit and they diagnosed me with bipolar. It honestly saved my life. Every story is different. What feels right IS right. But stay strong for your kids and good luck!

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