Are Painkillers More Addictive Than Cocaine?

Question by kaylee: Are painkillers more addictive than cocaine?
what are the difference in the withdrawls and which is more additive? thank you!

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Answer by bobby
I would say painkillers are more addictive just cause there a lot easier to get an there 1/10 the price of cocaine plus a lot of people are perscribed painkillers so after using them for so long they need to take more to eliminate the pain which causes the addiction. Id imagine the withdrawls are pretty similar.

Answer by LeftOver Crizack
yes because painkillers are the cleanest high pharmaceuticals tell you exactly what you are getting coke has acetone and other horrible stuff in it which makes it very un-potent if you get 90% real coke fresh out of the kilo bag than that is some of the most addicting stuff on this planet way more addicting than oxycodone but good luck getting stuff of that quality

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