Beat a Drug Addiction?

Question by Haylie B: Beat a drug addiction?
I am a 24 year old female and I go out every weekend to trance events and also in my local town.

When I go out I take a lot of drugs. Cocaine mostly, pills, MDMA, ketamine, speed, methadrone etc.

I am not ‘addicted’ to any particular drugs, in the week I can take it or leave it but at the weekend I feel like I NEED to take something in order to have a good time. Especially at trance events where I know I’ll be dancing for 7-8hours and all my friends will be on pills.

I want to stop doing drugs full stop but don’t want to go to my GP and ‘talking to Frank’ just isn’t going to cut it. I know they will just tell me the harm I’m causing myself (which will not work).

Has anyone overcome this by themselves?

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Answer by Manpreet Singh
You can write your experience at experience project and share your problem with similar people. Experience project has develop a good platform to hear and share experience from people who have been through similar issues. You could also join a local drug addicts annonymous group and find out to resolve your problem, i believe you could find similar local addicts annonymous group for your location. I have the one for the states here

Experience project

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