Can Amphetamine Abuse Cause Long Term Damage to Your Heart?

Question by Katie 123: can amphetamine abuse cause long term damage to your heart?
Hello, Over the last couple of years I have used drugs regularly- however have decided to stop and have not used any for a couple of months. I used a variety of drugs such MDMA, cocaine, ketamine, amphetamines (not crystal meth i’m talking about speed) and I tried heroin a couple of times. The one which I am most concerned about was speed which I had at least one binge a week lasting 2 days (this went on for around 10 months) I’m just wondering if anybody knows if amphetamines can cause LONG TERM damage to the heart as I am well aware of the effects when you are on them, but have no been able to find much info on the long term effects. Please no replies telling me ‘you shouldn’t have done drugs etc’ because I am well aware of this already and have quit completely now.

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Answer by zeldaslexicon
Yes. Drugs such as MDMA, cocaine, and amphetamines can all cause long term damage to your heart as well as placing you at higher risk for stroke and kidney damage. This is because of the sympathomimetic effects these drugs have on your circulatory system. That is, these drugs stimulate your sympathetic nervous system and cause a release of “fight or flight” hormones like epinephrine. This causes your blood pressure to raise and your blood vessels to constrict. Basically, it’s like massively stressing out your circulatory and nervous system.

Of course, the greatest risk is when the drugs are actually in your system, but you cannot repeatedly stress your body without some long term effects.

And let me answer what will probably be your next question “What amount of drug use will cause this damage?” Good question, but one without a concrete answer. Everyone is different. Some people can have significant damage with only minor drug use, while others can be heavy users without seeming to have any ill effects. There is no way to tell how your body will respond to drug use.

What’s done is done – so your best bet is to stay away from drugs and focus on living a healthier lifestyle.

Hope this helps – good luck with your recovery.

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