Can Anyone Help Me With After Effects of Cocaine Use/pre Existing Mental Problem?

Question by sunny: can anyone help me with after effects of cocaine use/pre existing mental problem?
Is there anyone out there that can offer any advice on the above…
I’m very worried about my boyfriend of 5 years, we live together (we’re 27) we are very very happy together an he does a lot of wonderful things for me and is my best friend but sometimes he does like to indulge recreationally with his friends at the odd weekend with the white stuff…

for maybe a week/2 weeks I see a marked change in him and so do his family
he is suddenly quiet, moody, rude, irritable, obnoxious, arrogant, self obssesed, depressed and just not quite thinking right, he will push me away and thinks i’m out to get him and against him, he won’t remember our happy times (which may have only been 2 days before) he will be argumentative and feelings very sorry for himself and emotionless and will even say that he feels nothing inside. Nothing I say will make him feel better, in fact the more I tell him how much I love him and are there for him the more angry it makes him.
and then suddenly, he will snap out of it and will be bacxk to normal again

I’m not looking for moral advice on the wrongness of drugs or relationship advice but is there anyone out there who recognizes this after effect? a normal come down lasts a day or 2 – this is like a total change in personality and i’m worried about the length of time it lasts. I’ve always been slightly worried about his mental health and wondered if the coke maybe unearths demons to the surface? I understand the effects of drugs but this isn’t a normal after effect.
can anyone help with any knowledge? thanks
thanks for your help – no he doesn’t do it often and doesn’t do it behind my back at home either – i’ve lived with an addict flatmate before and my boyfriend is no addict
I’ve started keeping a diary and sure enough he hits this pattern every time after he has done it, i’ve tried confronting him about it but he just blames his moods on me saying I cause his depression and that it’s definatley not the drugs….. it is

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Answer by ~Kate~
What you are describing sounds just like an addict. Are you sure that he isn’t doing it more often without you knowing? Addicts are very good at hiding their addiction. Addiction can be genetically present, anyone in his family have addictions to anything? if so he is predisposed for becoming addicted to pretty much anything from computers to drugs.

Answer by Simon S
Sadly Cocaine abuse does indeed in some people produce effects like mood disturbances including bipolar/depression/schitzo in many people. A person taking the drug is effectively hitting the exact same receptors that the likes of anti-depressants and mood stabilisers regulate. It also does far much more, not including the othe effects on the brain which may effect schitzo dissorders.

How long these last is at this point not measurable other than by a doc asking if they have a family history of depression or what not. Course you may need to realise that for one of those members it may never have been diagnosed correctly and there is still a chance they can get some mental illness.

By the sounds of your BF he is suffering more than the ‘come down’ and it is affecting his life. NOW is the time to stop. If he keeps going he may end up a danger to himself or others.

The length of time increasing past the normal point is perhaps the first signs that there is more to this which is probably mental illness. Some folk are lucky and never get it, though they will still have done some internal damage like weakened their heart. Increasing risk of heart attack in an otherwise healthy individual several times to that of a smoker in their 40’s.

You need to search out mental illness and cocaine NOT just cocaine as it may well be studied clinically with certain other drugs/lifestyles and so on omited from the search.

You need to also understand that it doesn’t take an addict to show symptoms which you describe, if he has a good chance of getting a mental illness through genetic factors he could end up in a psyche ward after just a few doses, maybe even one. It’s a powerful mind alterating drug which few study due to laws in most countries (requires a separate license to work with these drugs which isn’t cost effective and hard to get).

My advise for you is if he doesn;t get out of it then leave him, he will continue to carry on and his mental health will get worse at which point you will be unable to cope as 99% of people find.

Give him an alternate, he sees his doc WITH you and goes over things, remember that taking or having taken a drug is not an illegal offence unless you put someones life at risk, it’s like drink driving. Growing, dealing and selling is.

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