Can Long Term Substance Abuse Cause Mental Diseases or Degeneration?

Question by vtmarroquin: can long term substance abuse cause mental diseases or degeneration?

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Answer by Elizabeth B
It really depends on the substance, but in general, yes. Alcohol abuse causes memory and cognition problems. Heroin users run the risk of developing spongiform leukoencephalopathy, in which the brain’s white matter becomes covered with microscopic fluid-filled spaces, creating a sponge-like appearance. Patients become uncoordinated and have difficulty moving and talking. Cocaine users increase their chances of Parkinson’s disease. These are just some examples, and there are many more. Basically any drug that gets you “high” has effects on your brain chemistry. Over time, these changes can result in brain degeneration.

Answer by Manuel P
Any drug without prescription is very dangerous to take.Collateral effects.

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