Can Someone Tell Me the Effects of Cocaine?

Question by : Can someone tell me the effects of cocaine?
I’m a teenager, but plenty of teenagers do drugs. I’m a pretty good student, but I’m not that social. I have a couple of friends that do cocaine, and they said they love it and getting high feels great. For a few weeks now my mind has been going crazy. I really want to try it! A girl that I’m friends with lives in a very bad neighborhood (right down the road from my house) where they have all kinds of drugs. She said she could get me some coke, but I’d have to pay. I told her okay, of course. I told her to just see what she can do. She’s gonna let me know tomorrow. If I get it, I’m gonna do it with my friends that already do it. Hopefully do other stuff too. But what are the effects of cocaine? And should I really do it? I feel like I’ll be cool if I do it. Plus, I’ve never even done drugs but I crave them. Help, please!

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Answer by Auroch
They really differ a LOT with the person. Some people just find it unpleasant and probably don’t continue to take it. But some (often people who are already alcoholic) find it WONDERFUL. I remember one guy saying that “it’s the best thing you can do for your mind”. He was later put in prison for a while.

So the effects that coke has are probably genetically determined. Woe to the person who finds it WONDERFUL because it really ruins a lot of lives.

Answer by Jenny
Lucy, cocaine can kill you, try marijuana instead but here:

“Cocaine acts quite rapidly on the brain. It interferes with the nerves in the brain, and keeps brain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine from being properly absorbed, which leads to a “high.” Being high on cocaine brings a feeling of euphoria, which includes increased energy, a feeling of supremacy, and an elevated mood. It temporarily decreases the need for sleep and food. Cocaine use may also bring feelings of restlessness, irritability, anxiety, panic, and paranoia.”

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