Can the Usage of Cocaine on a Daily Base Lead to Suicide?

Question by Shallow Grave: Can the usage of cocaine on a daily base lead to suicide?
Is there a possible link between suicide and the usage of cocaine?

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Answer by Aaron
First off let me say the use of any drug is wrong and anyone using them or addicted to them seek help and keep hope alive.
My answer is, as long as the addict has the product to use he/she wont want to kill themselves. Then again drugs do so much damage to the mind that they make anyone do anything.
Once the drug is taken from an addict then thats when they feel hopeless and lost.
This is my opinion and I’m not an expert.
God bless

Answer by jmonroe_tlynn
i dont have a medical answer but i really hope you arent thinking of commiting suicide. I do not personally use drugs but it has been a huge part of my life. I have several family members who suffer with drug addiction. Suicide has also played a roll in my life losing 3 people i care about to suicide. I hope that you can see that there are people who love and care about you that would miss you if something was to happen and it is so hard to set back and watch a freind or a loved one destroy there body and mind to drugs. I wish you the best of luck, and hope you can overcome theese feelings you are having.

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