Chance of Panic Attack From Smoking Marijuana?

Question by Confused: Chance of panic attack from smoking marijuana?
Hello. Im going to smoke weed for the first time today, a very small amount with close friends. Please dont lecture me on this.

I read some stories about people having bad panic attacks after smoking weed, thinking theyre dying.

Im kind of nervous now, because a panic attack would be pretty scary, but ive been excited to smoke for so long….

What are the chances of me getting a panic attack from a very low amount?

Best answer:

Answer by Melania
just be chill, and act straight. if your excited, you most likely wont. if you are scared, and do it, you may have a panic attack. as long as your all for it, youll be ok.

Answer by hoochbrewer
The only people who have panic attacks from smoking are people who either scared to death from smoking or are prone to having panic attacks. Its highly unlikely that you would seeing how your smoking with close friends and are less likely to feel nervous. If you go in being scared then smoking will only make you paranoid but if you learn to chill you will pry have a good time.

Also some people don’t get high their first time, so keep that in mind also.

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