Question by efil4zaggin: Cocaine???
i’m 16 and i have smoked pot many o times but some of my friends recently asked me if i wanted to try cocaine, should i? i dont want to get really messed up and i really dont want to get addicted but will it be bad if i just try it once??

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Answer by RoRo
Do not do any type of drugs…do you want to ruin the rest of your life? Stay in school, stay away from drugs, do your work and make something of your life. There is no reason why you need to try any type of drugs, they destroy brain cells, and stay away from any friends that try to coerce you into doing drugs, they are not your friends.

Answer by CJB1995
dont do it, everyone is different and you could get addicted after one time! dont fall under pressure, just do whatever you feel is right! (unless its actually wrong haha)

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