Cocaine Addiction Help?

Question by 321: cocaine addiction help?
about 5 months ago a friend of mine was forced to stop using cocaine. at first i didnt he even like the drug that much. he always thought other recreational drugs had much better effects on him, but for some odd reason, coke just embedded itself into his mind. He doesnt understand why he can crave something so badly, and yet have a better high using some other drug. After he stopped using it, it was still all he could think of. 24/7 cocaine was on his mind. In his spare time he looks at pictures of the drug on the internet for lengths of time, just because he is so infactuated with it. He really misses the feeling that cocaine made him feel; almost like he was a powerful celeberty or a rockstar or something crazy like that. He knows that as soon as he has an opportunity, he will be out there doing it again even though he knows it has the potential to completely take over. Why is coke so addictive? why is my friend still fiending for this drug after being clean for so long? Any tips on my friend can get over this:(?

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Answer by Shane
Just kill him his lives over anyway hahahahahahahahahaha!!!! Thats why u dont do drugs

Answer by RayHere
Coke is like a crazy women who gives you unbelievable sex and you keep coming back to her I use to do a 8 ball in a day it will kill you if you let it I was heavy into for less then a year and for years I would think about it came close a few times. Once In NYC I reach into my overcoat and found a baggy I went back to my hotel and took me hours to throw it down the toilet

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