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i need to know fact about for health can some one help me ??

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Chemical, medical,
or scientific name:

cocaine hydrochloride
Street names:
There are numerous slang terms for this drug, including blow, bump, C, coke, snow, and toot.

Drug Classification:


Cocaine has been around a long time. The leaves of the coca plant, from which cocaine is derived, were used by native peoples in South America more than 2,000 years ago. It later became used as a local anesthetic in 1880s. Around this time, it also found its way into many medications and other types of products. Because it is such a strong stimulant, cocaine use can wreck havoc on a person’s health, leading to a heart attack. In rare cases, the drug can bring on sudden death. One in five drug-related emergency department visits in 2004 were attributed to cocaine, according to a report from the Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN). It can be snorted, smoked, and injected.

Short-term effects:

Cocaine acts on the central nervous system, making the user often feel energized or euphoric. It may increase a user’s heart rate and blood pressure and can cause the heart to beat rapidly or irregularly.

Long-term effects:
With extensive use, cocaine may lead to erratic, delusional, or paranoid behavior as well as violent outbursts and psychiatric problems. The drug may cause breathing and neurological problems with long-term use. Since it suppresses appetite, a user may suffer from malnutrition. For those who inject the drug, they face the added risk of contracting hepatitis or an HIV infection. Frequently snorting the drug can cause nosebleeds as well as impair a person’s sense of smell. Cocaine is highly addictive with users needing increasing amounts of the drug to get high. .

Mental effects:

Cocaine may increase a user’s level of alertness and confidence. He or she may feel euphoric for a time and then experience feelings of anxiety, restlessness, paranoid, or aggression while coming off the drug.

Physical effects:

Cocaine may increase a person’s blood pressure and heart rate and cause headaches and nausea. The drug has been known to induce heart attacks, strokes, seizures, and panic attacks.

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