Cocaine Users Who Used for a Long Time Then Stopped?

Question by *~*~*~*~*~*~*: cocaine users who used for a long time then stopped?
Have you ever felt pounding in your head, then later got headaches? If so when you stopped using did your headaches go away or no? i hear when u use cocaine your headaches never go away because the blood vessels are bursted. what happend to you in your cocaine years? your story or anyone who can tell me somthing. I am done with it just now i am having problems with my head for doing it.

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Answer by inkindulgence
Yes I did it nonstop for about two years when I was in high school (I’m 24 now), and throughout that suffered migraines after stopping everytime, as well as daily nose bleeds, and losing chunks of cartilage out of my nose when I would blow into a kleenex. I never got so bad I lost anything permanently, my skin grew back, the nosebleeds stopped, and no, your blood vessels don’t “burst”, when you do cocaine it causes your heart lining to become inflamed, and thus cause it to pump harder, this increases blood flow to your brain and when you have too much blood pumping through, it hurts and causes horrible headaches, that most over the counter pills will not help at all. Even though I don’t reccommend taking more drugs that are habit forming, narcotic painkillers like lortab and percocet are very good for taking as soon as you come down to prevent headaches and keep your body from feeling AS miserable.

Since cocaine has no real physical addiction to speak of, just mental, it was easy to stop and my adverse symptoms including headaches gradually dissapated over the months to where after a year or so it was like I never even did anything. The depression left very soon after a week or so.

I did retain some permanent effects from it, such as chronic tachycardia, where even now every once in a while I’ll wake up to a surge of adrenaline going through my body causing my heart to jump to 130 beats for a few moments, then return to normal and I lay back down. Not seriously harmful just scary and annoying. Also I am extremely sensitive to uppers now, even the caffeine in midol effects me greatly, almost like coke reversed my tolerance after stopping. My sense of smell is also affected, many things people claim they can smell I cannot, and although I am not 100% sure this from the drug, I never had this problem before doing it. Also if I were to try cocaine now it does NOT affect me at all like it used to. After stopping for a few years, I decided to give it a whirl again for a night, and I did not get any euphoria, just a weird out of it cracked out kind of feeling, in a bad way. I thought it may just be the quality of what I bought, but in the handful of times I’ve tried it again over the years, no matter how high it gets the people around me, it just doesn’t send me up there anymore.

Of course everyone is different, but that is me.

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