Could He Be Using Cocaine Again?

Question by Betsi: Could he be using cocaine again?
If you read any of my other post you know all about my husband used to be addicted to drugs. If not you can look at my las question. Well today he said his nose was bleeding at work could this be signs he’s using coke again. I really don’t think he would have told me about it if that’s what it’s from and he knows it. Or could it be from when he used before. I just need some opinions about it. What would you think? He used to be very addicted to cocaine and other drugs so I worry about stuff like this.

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Answer by Katherine
Your husband’s nose bleeds could be a result of former cocaine abuse. Or he may be using. Does he exhibit any other signs? Is money missing from your account without explanation? Has his behavior changed? These all could be signs that he is using again.

Instead of focusing on what he is doing, I suggest you attend some Alanon meetings. This is a twelve-step program for loved ones of addicts and alcoholics. They will help you learn the tools for living with an addict (either current or former). It is a wonderful fellowship of like-minded people who have had their lives devastated by an addict.
If you husband is using again, he could seek treatment such as rehab. There are rehab programs for people who work and also outpatient rehab programs. Good luck to you!

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