Question by Robert: DID I GET HERPES FROM THIS?
Last night i shared a bong, some bottles of vodka, and some tequila, and some cocaine with a group of people. Anyways, it was dark since we were outside in this foresty area, but the guy who drank before me had a lot of acne, but im thinking it was herpes since he has “medications” that he calls his stress and hunger medications that he stores in his room. Im really scared that i got oral herpes because i drank after him. Am i going to be okay? Ive decided never to share drinks or bongs with anyone ever again i swear.

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Answer by DeannetheGreat
If you want real help, you have to get a real test. If you’re worried about herpes, get tested for it. We cannot diagnose it over the internet, and you should not expect that.

Putting your mouth on something a stranger just tasted is foolish anyway.

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