Diet Coke Addict!?

Question by Rinny: Diet Coke Addict!?
Im going crazy. All i drink is diet coke. Now that i have given it up because i realized what it was doing to me im have severe migrines and mood swings. Is this due to the diet coke?? Also i drank up to 5+ cans a day…….for about 7 years do you think i may already have a chance of endargerd health? Is any one else addicted ?

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Answer by luisa_mapacha
You are going through caffeine withdrawls, as well as some reactions to the lack of chemical sweetners in your body.

Coffee and tea are good for you and will help with the caffeine withdrawls. Drink some in the morning and a little in the afternoon until you’re back to normal.

Answer by K C
Hi, I love diet dr. pepper. I drink it like a fish.
The caffeine in the diet coke is probably what
causes the mood swings and migrines. Try
caffeine free. I don’t think you have really
endangered your health.. Caffeine is addictive,
it’s not good for you but I don’t think it does
any severe damage.

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