DRUG ABUSE- Why Do People Use Drugs?

Question by unknown: DRUG ABUSE- why do people use drugs?
Why do people use drugs?
How do they get them?
How can drugs abuse be stopped?
What are the signs and symptoms of drug use?
Diseases from drug abuse, addiction to drugs, causes and effects of drug abuse.

Any info on drugs like cocaine heroine alcahol etc.

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Answer by mike
-People use drugs for pleasure. or to run away from there problems.
-They can be injected, smoked, or eaten
-Drug abuse can be stopped if the person truly wants to get better.
-Signs can be social withdrawal, change in aggression, person seems “dumber”
-marijuana is the most abused drug. 50% of people try it in there lifetime. It induce pleasure and an “out of body” experience.

Answer by Dante
I think the first time usually starts with your friends telling u that its awesome and then afterwards u think that nothing will happen to you thats why people continue….To stop well people with good will power can stop by themselfes….If not u have to go to the doctor or buy some medication…because its pretty rare is somebody just stops just like that….If u are really abdicted u start to do anything 4 it(Well hope u saw some movies)Well its pretty scary actually but most of the people cant stop without help from friends and doctors…I myself have never tried thank god but it seems that drugs just make u feel comftable and good like marihuana is believed to “get u to your happy place”It is serious the more u get abdicted the more there’s chance that ull ruin your life…Like one of my church friend’s friend just took some frug(dont remember)then layed down on the grass with his eyes opened and the sun burned his eyes out…So ye the once who are abdicted need help from friend and doctor…………………………..Well to get drugs…It’s actually pretty easy aspecially in big citites..U just gotta know people i guess

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