Has Anyone Beaten Cocaine Addiction Here?

Question by James: Has anyone beaten cocaine addiction here?
I’m 22 done it around 200 times since 20 trying to stop. Seeing psychologist but still hang with friends who use and deal. Is it possible to kick it? Looking for helpful insight thanks.
Oldsoul this is true. If I delete the numbers and ignore them that should help a lot.
Thanks Laura. I find that even drinking caffeine can set me off. It’s crazy…

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Answer by OLD SOUL
it is possible to kick it.. IF you lose your shit*y ‘friends’. i know they are your ‘friends’, but if you dont lose them, you’ll probably end up begging on the streets with your ‘friends’ nowhere to help you.. you know im right..
good luck & God bless

Answer by Laura
There only your friends because of all this drug business, if they didn’t deal in this lifestyle they wouldn’t care less about you but instead would be going to work and looking to build there futures! Its just the cycles that your all tied up in that keep you sucking up to each other, oooh the insecuritys. Get off it get away from them, you never know they might look up to you and ask for help them selfs, but when you move on you will make new leads!

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