Hat Are the Signs or Steps of Addiction?

Question by Courtney: hat are the signs or steps of addiction?
What are the signs or steps of addiction to cocaine?

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Answer by sasu
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* Common physical signs include ( but not limited to ) :
– Red , bloodshot eyes .
– Weight loss .
– Increased heart rate .
– Increased blood pressure .
– Nosebleeds .
– Nausea or vomiting .
– Hyperactivity .
– Dilated pupils .

* Common emotional signs include :
– Changes of friends .
– Carelessness .
– Withdrawn.
– Change in school grades .
– Frequently in need of money .
– Missing work a lot .
– Talking rapidly .
– Stealing.
– Lying .
– Change in behavior .

If you need to learn more about cocaine addiction ,reasons , treatment and side effects , check this link it’s really useful :

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