HELP!! Cocaine Abuser in Trouble?

Question by Pamela: HELP!! Cocaine abuser in trouble?
What parts of the body does Cocaine destroy? Does it affect the brain the most? What part of the brain? I have a few friends to use cocaine, I notice with most of them they can think and talk normally but there’s one guy who can’t seem to talk after about a couple of hours of using. He can’t make sentences and can’t talk at a normal speed when he tries to talk. It’s like he’s extremely high or something. I’m worried about this. Because he’s addicted to it and he seems to have gotten worse over time, with his slowness of speach and can’t form sentences that make any sense. Has anyone ever heard of such a side affect before? Or can someone direct me to a website that will tell me??

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Answer by Kris
report your friends to the matter what, cocaine is still drugs…bad effects might not be obvious but bad doings a true friend..even for once, ok?

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