Help on Cocaine Addiction…..?

Question by rahul: help on cocaine addiction…..?
hey can any one tell me what happens if a cocaine addict suddenly stops intake of cocaine…. without taking any sort of medications or external help???
what are the withdrawal symptoms??? does he feel weak ???? how long will the withdrawal symptoms remain???
Also after how long does the person be able to completely free himself from the addiction????
pls pls pls help me by answering this…
thanx a lot !!!

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Answer by kaliegh j
They will get mad an angry then depresed. Hot flashes an sleep up all nighters, the that basic symtoms of withdraw. If need be go and have them checked into a rehab center. They will help him and then After time he will be free of the addiction. But it depends on the person. How much they took how long they have been using. Best idea? Take them to a drug rehiblitation center. They will take the bast care. Sorry about the misspelled words.

Answer by smontgo16
Chills, sweats, basically a nervous breakdown (this is right away).

The withrawal symptoms can last weeks. (not the chills, sweats symptoms, but the weak craving shaky symptoms can last a long time.)

And you can always return no matter how long it’s been. But you need assistance and accountability!!

Don’t do it alone.

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