How Can Marijuana Be a Schedule One Drug?

Question by Dylan: how can marijuana be a schedule one drug?
so it more harmful than alcohol, cigarettes and cocaine? tell me how. its mentally addictive just like video games and food addiction, but the alcohol, cigarettes and cocaine are physically addictive and the alcohol and cocaine can cause an overdose while its impossible to overdose on marijuana because you’ll need to smoke 1,500 pounds in 15 minutes. please tell me why its a schedule one drug.

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Answer by ??dA?g??
See this video :) Humourous but true…

The War on Drugs: What a Joke! MUST SEE VIDEO

Answer by Josh Galvan
Even tho weed isn’t as harmful it still has it’s downs smoking it causes dopamine levels to rise pretty high while smoking causing your brain to associate smoking weed with a good thing this will cause a problem later on because as we know pot can cause you to be lazy and you’ll become mentally addicted to the drug( example why do guys masturbate so Much it’s because of the dopamine or watch porn it’s not really harmfull but try not to do this for a month I hope you understand

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