How Do Overdoses Work?

Question by : How do overdoses work?
So im usually careful but I took 2 prescription drugs (valium and dilaudid) after taking cocaine. and i do I know you’re not supposed to take any of these together. Im usually very careful, but tonight (technically last night) I wasn’t.

Without going into the specifics, I guess mainly i just want to know what an overdose…feels like I suppose? I feel a bit loopy but I dont feel at all like I am in dangerous situation. Still, I am paranoid about this type of thing and made a stupid mistake combining the two .

So I guess, simply, I want to know if an overdose is just something like a heart attack–like, can your heart simply just quit? Without warning? Or are there symtoms to look out for that give you the chance to get help? I dont think (yet) that I feel what I’ve read an overdose feels like. But what I’m worried about is being alone and not knowing. Is it possible to recognize the symptoms and have a chance to get help/call 911/whatever? Or is it a sudden thing?

P.S. I know this is a kinda dumb question, I know I’m an idiot for mixing. but I dont know if I should just let someone know now, or if I can wait it out and make sure I’ll be ok.

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Answer by Mel
An overdose can and will kill. If you’re still with us and this was last night, hopefully you’re out of the woods….. maybe. Please don’t do this again. Just because you made it once, doesn’t mean your body will be able to tolerate this again. You are playing with MAJOR fire. And yes, your heart can quit. You’ll have warning, but won’t have time to do anything, never-the-less be able to call for help. Please have someone come over to stay with you. You may think you are thinking clearly, but probably you are not.
Yes, death is sudden with an overdose, but death is not always an immediate response. It can be a delayed reaction.

Answer by Zootal
It depends on the drug mixture. Too much stimulants, and you can feel horribly nauseous, so bad you want to die. You can’t sleep, you heart feels like it wants to explode, and you feel absolutely terrible. While your heart can just quit without warning, if you are young and in good shape this is not likely to happen. If you are not young, or not in good shape, then yeah, you can have a heart attack right then and there and game over. No time to call 911, blammo, you are dead.

If you take too many downers (booze, benzos, etc.) what usually happens is you fall asleep, stop breathing, and die. You could also vomit, and choke to death on your vomit. Someone comes along in the morning and finds you dead and covered with barf.

Will you recognize the symptoms? No, you will be sound asleep. Death comes quietly and peacefully, without you knowing what is going on or feeling a thing.

Don’t mix drugs like this unless you want to become a Darwin candidate.

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