How Does One Overcome Cocaine Addiction?

overcome cocaine addiction
by dbking

Question by angie t: How does one overcome cocaine addiction?
I am a professional, I am in law school but I am addicted to cocaine. It happened 3 years ago after a break up, before which I had never touched drugs. I want so bad to stop and need to hear from someone who understands!

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Answer by gregg k
Being a professional and in law, you have the access to things that the public would not and the use of cocaine would be overlooked because of what the cocaine does and what you can do on it. You are telling me that you have disregarded the spirit of the law and in your profession you may have put innocence into a situation where it is seen as guilt. And you were more guilty than the guilt that you were trying to absolve. But now, you want somebody to exculpate you. It is good that you recognize the fault, but to clear the matter and transfer it to your favor may be impossible. I would have to overlook the spirit. However, I can’t do anything to you. I have graduated from a police academy and have been in the medical field and my current profession supersedes.
So, let’s go back to the first question. How do you overcome cocaine addiction? It’s not easy. Especially after 3 years of it. But, what I would do is pump my body full of massive amounts of minerals and vitamins, especially Vitamin B-1 and B-12. Carry around with you doses of vitamin B-12, not pansy little 100% RDA stuff, but up to 80,000% RDA. Caffeine is not good, but in your case, cups of coffee would not be bad also. Whenever you get the urge that cocaine brings, do your vitamin B-12; it is water soluble so whatever your body doesn’t use, your urine carries it out.
And good luck in your career. I hope you make the finest lawyer or attorney or judge.
Case dismissed.

Answer by jamiet757
Since your question deals with addiction, you should check out this site, it has lots of helpful info that might help with your question:

This site has a lot of great resources for people dealing with addiction or recovery, and those who know people who are dealing with it. It is worth a look in my opinion.

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