How Long Do Cocaine Addicts Usually Stay in Rehab?

Question by Genevieve: How long do cocaine addicts usually stay in rehab?
My brother’s cocaine addiction is getting really bad and my uncle was able to my brother to agree going to rehab. I know it’s good and all he’s going to get cleaned up but that means moving out of our cute little two room apartment and I’ll be moving in with my uncle until my brother is clean and out of rehab. So how long should he be in rehab if he snorts cocaine every two days for the past year and a half?
Sorry, I do have my priorities. I care about my brother a lot and a side from the drugs he’s a really amazing person. So I’m proud of him for checking into rehab on his own ’cause it shows he wants to get better but I have lived with him my whole life so excuse me for wanting him to get better as soon as possible! So I just wanted the approximate time he might spend in there. I’m trying to be patient as possible. I’ll be seeing him at least three times of month while he’s in rehab.

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Answer by Sally K
Is your primary concern your brother’s welfare or the fact that you will have to live with your uncle? It doesnt matter how long it takes for him to be in rehab as long as he is able to stay clean once he is out. Doesnt sound like you have your priorities straight.

Answer by twinsmama06
As long as it takes.

the amount of drugs really doesn’ t make a difference – especially since he most likely did more than you know about. It depends on what he has to work out while he is there.

30-60 days is a good guess for rehab and then he will hopefully go from that to outpatient treatment.

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