How Long Would It Take Cocaine to Destroy Your Septum in Your Nose With Occasional Use?

Question by agubna: How long would it take Cocaine to destroy your Septum in your nose with occasional use?
I fear for one of my friends. He only does it about once a month or so, no more. But i’m just wondering how long it would actually take of occasional use to actual start doing noticeable damage to his nose. Thanks.
Alright thanks George. Do you know if any other type of permanent damage will happen with once a month use? And yeah, he has pretty strong willpower. Been using once a month for about a year now and has kept it together fine.

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Answer by raddman711
Unfortunately there is no clear answer as every one is different. Cocaine may harm the nasal cavity more quickly than someone else. There are many signs that damage may be occuring such as loss of smell, and runny, stuffy or bloody noses. Of course the more you do the more likely the damage could occur. Another issue is impure cocaine that is cut with other substances can greatly increase the chance of damage to the nose.

Answer by George
At the rate of once a month your friend will not destroy his septum. Your friend will only damage blood vessels on the septum, however, blood vessels grow back in less than a month, so he will only damage the tip of the septum, which will always grow back – no where near enough to burn a hole through his septum.

However, it might be “once a month” now, then it might drop down to “once a fortnight”, then “once a week”, then eventually “everyday”. Or maybe your friend has the will power to only do cocaine once a month.

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