How Much Cocaine Is Too Much?

Question by Mike: How much cocaine is too much?
In your opinion, how much cocaine in one night/sitting is doing too much? For example if a new user of cocaine snorted 3 grams in 2 hours, is that a lot? Tell me what binging on cocaine does to your body and what it’ll do to your body (the high in general and health effects on your body) Only post an answer if you’ve used or know about it. I am doing a study and need accurate info thanks.

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Answer by Lammy lindz
three grams is a lot in one sitting, unless its bad Quality. I dont know what it does to your body. but i done it about 10 times as a teenager, it really makes time fly, if your on it for 4 hours it will only feel like one hour. I remember me and my friend looking at the clock and we were so amused at how fast it was ticking. it makes you talk really fast and gives you a ton of energy makes you feel on top of the world. It also made me clench my teeth a lot and gave me super human strength. I dont know what i did to piss off the peace officers that much on the train platform, but all three of them could not keep me down. and im only 130 pounds. all three of them on top of me, with a knee to the back of the neck, i had so much energy i squirmed my way out of it and kept getting back up.

Im lucky i never had a freakin heart attack lol

Answer by Mike
I’m sitting in my room on my computer trying to fall asleep… I’m coming off a 24 hr. 5 gram binge. I hate the after feeling…I haven’t eaten food in those 24 hrs. Jus coke and water and beer… I used to have a major problem with it 3 years ago…4 times a week I would snort a gram…after I got my problem under control…no rehab jus myself… I’ve done it 3 times per year for the last 3 years usually when im out of town like vegas or L.A but yesterday I was with a girl she wanted to get a hotel room and do some so I thought what the hell. But that was a big mistake I remember y I stopped cuz after the first line u lose all self-control…cokes only good for first few lines then u spend the rest of the time chasing that feeling. My nostrils are all plugged up and I’ve been sitting here and I haven’t slept in almost 48 hrs. But I’m not tired or hungry I have this depressed feeling in the pit of my stomach. 3 grams in 2 hrs. is too much cud cause an overdose. it’s so addictive especially after u have done a few lines…I picked 5grams but not all at once just started with a half gram then 1.5g then 3 pickups of gram each but after the last line u get that depressed feeling and if u have lots of cash on hand as I do its tuff to stay away. As I write this I’m thinking of getting another GRAM buts its 11 in the morn sat I hit my first rail at 3am Thursday night/Friday morn…o and the chick only did a half gram with me and she had to leave…so the rest I was all by myself…it’s all good when you’re doing your fist few lines but when the sun is out I feel like a junkie, I am a ,successful business man but I missed work Friday cuz I was too busy getting high alone, after that long a binge u start seeing things. I get really horny but my junks don’t work. ppl call it coke d**K..and crazy paranoia.was it worth it hell no, I try to stay away from everyone when I’m on it cuz my face sinks in gets all sweaty. .I’m naturally very skinny but the coke makes it much worse. I feel like I lost 5 lbs. over Night…I can feel my wrists have gotten smaller just like that, I can notice the weight loss in just 24 hrs.. My gf was working both days so I know I didn’t have to see her that didn’t help. we met after I stopped doing it and I never told her about my ill problem…after the first gram I had to justify picking up another cuz I said y should I feel like this,,, I have some money but after every gram it’s the same from Vancouver bc and its 80 bucks a gram. Not cheap, in a way I’m glad it was this bad overall cuz next time I’ll remember this…I was so proud of myself cuz jus 3 weeks ago a buddy offered me a line a wedding party and I was drinking but I still didn’t do it..I spent over 600 bucks in 24 hrs400 on tha blow plus 150 on hotel room so we a place to do it. And now Ifeel like shit…if someone offers it too u…don’t do it at first the smallest line will make u feel so good but then u build a tolerance and ppl that don’t have a lot of cash turn to crack after and that’s the worst…. a few years back I did 9 grams in 48 hrs. And only weigh 135 so I guess how much is too much depends on the person and how often they do it…this morning. After the 4th gram I cud feel my heart racing so I still did the 5th gram but I did it a lot slower,,, when I first started doing it back in high school I once did 2.5 grams in 24 hours and I felt like I was going to overdose mind u I only weighed 120lbs then and I managed to stop even though I had more on me..I don’t think I cud stop now till it’s all done…if u have a problem u don’t necessity need rehab…just stop hanging around the ppl that do it..If it’s in front of u…u will do it…I’m 28 now I started when I was 18 and just a half gram on 3-4 of us is all we need so it was only 10 bucks each but the more we did the more we needed,,,, I even started selling thinking I cud do mine for free. But that’s not possible either …I grabbed 7 grams bags twice and both times I would start bagging them in to halfs but I would hit a line and next thing u know it’s been like 2 days since I slept and both times I did all 7 grams. I was about 24 my parents decide to take a 2 month trip back to their mother land and I decided to go with them. When I got back I just stopped talking to the ppl I know r going to be doing it. It’s not like in the movies that u can do it all the time and function in society…not possible I hope this helps u out its coming from a cocaine addict. 3-4 years ago I would have never admitted that but now I feel I can… anyone who has an addictive personality just don’t even get started. I’m sure this won’t be the last time I do it but next time I’ll make sure I’m not alone jus picking up gram after gram. .good luck on your study!!! as PS Lammy lindz is only telling u tha good things but he doesnt mention that those effects only last 15 mins then u need lil wayne says when tha coke is done u will feel like dying.

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