How Much Cocaine Will It Take to Overdose/kill Someone? Respond Asap Please =]?

Question by Sean: How much cocaine will it take to overdose/kill someone? Respond asap please =]?
My girlfriend is 145 weight, 5″10.. shes got a fast metabolism and works out daily, she is jacked, so she works out everything not just running. She also smokes around a pack a day. But she will some nights stay up all night and do around 2.6g’s that night and average 4g’s to 5g’s or more that following morning. Please leave me a example looking like this please.

Up all night 2.6g’s to 2.8g’s = OD/KILL if so.
Up all night + up all day until late that following night doing 4g’s to 5g’s, so a total of 7g’s or 8g’s.

Honestly i don’t know how much she does average I’m guessing. It’s around something like that. Please lemme know asap.
Her waist is a 24..? something like that. I love her so i basically know everything about her.. So I’m not some creep we are comfortable with each other but when cocaine is involved shes a total different person.
Can you please send me a direct link to it? All i see is treating acne, scars, etc.. =] Thank you
I’ve tried so hard to get her to stop man, I did all i could.. She has court in 2 days and if she drops dirty then the court will deal with it. Shes so addicted. Shes been on it since she was like 15 and now shes 19. We have been dating for 7 years. I found out about her addiction when her parents confronted me asking me if shes on any drugs then they kicked her outta the house and she lives with me.. I feed her.. i basically baby her because i never want to lose her. Shes the love of my life. I just want her to be happy.
Thanks Danny Boy… I feel like a horrible person because she gets money from me… I had no idea that she would spend it on coke because she would come back with expensive gifts a lot.. Or at least she stated that they are expensive.. Ugh now i feel like a horrible person.. This whole time I’m helping her pay for her addiction.. I’m basically killing her little by little.. She’s now cut off from all my money.. But… her mom works at this weird place that gives her a gas card to get free gas whenever she wants and her mom pays for it or something I don’t know the whole story.. She will call up everyone in her phone book and tell them she will double their gas if they pay her money.. so example “Hey Brittany you give me 20 dollars for gas and I’ll put 40 in your tank.” She will only come to me for like 50 or 60 bucks.. I got a great job that can support us both for years on end but I’m gonna get a drug test today and tell her either tomorrow or before the court date to drop and if its.
… Dirty than I’m gonna let the court deal with it.. If she’s clean then I’m gonna jump to the next level and take things a bit further and get her help.. I’m all stressed out and my friends advice is horrible. I’m trying to find out as much as i can now because I’m taking actions once she wakes up.. Weather she likes it or not.. I’m not the brightest tool in the shed.. Should of known from the start that she wasn’t putting any money away.. Basically she expects me to pay for her future and support her all the way through.. Thanks for the advice and answers everyone.
DeanneTheGreat, I’m as healthy as i can be.. I work out daily for 1 hour a day and run for 45 minutes a day.. I have over 16 pounds of muscle on me. I eat just right how i should to gain mass and muscle. I’ve tried so hard to help her.. I don’t know if that’s what you mean by i need help too. Like a relationship therapy? I’m confused with your response. I’ve tried everything in the book to help her.. Being so in love can come and bite you in the ass. After court if she drops dirty shes going to rehab. I’m gonna try tomorrow to go to a rehab and talk to someone about her and see where it goes from there. Thank you =]

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Answer by Tom C
If you care at all about your girlfriend, you would ask her to get some help in fighting the addiction.

Any amount of cocaine can kill you. It is just a matter of time before it does.

Answer by danny boy
7-8 grams is a LOT of cocaine to be doing in one sitting. if she has been doing it for a while she may have a tolerance to this amount, but regardless, this amount is not healthy. if she does this often, as well as smoking a pack a day, her heart is probably not the most healthy, therefore is it important she doesnt continue this way. in addition, thats upwards of $ 500 of blow every time she does this. i used to use cocaine, however the most i ever did in one night was maybe 2 grams, and im a 6’5″ 230 lb male. my suggestion would be to get her help fast. good luck

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