I Believe That One Day I May Become a Drug Addict, Please Help?

Question by alyssa: I believe that one day I may become a drug addict, please help?
I am 20 and think that one day I may be a dug addict. My mom is a current alcoholic and drug addict (I believe Xanax, because she is prescribed them or heroin because her boyfriends an “ex-heroin addict” who never got help and is an alcoholic as well). When I was 5, my mom started giving me her Xanax whenever I started feeling anxious or nervous. I was always being verbally and emotionally abused from the age of 5 until I left home this past January. When I was 10, my mom would leave me alone and I would go down stairs to our medicine cabinet and start taking pills. I never knew what they were so I wanted to get high. I also stole alcohol from my parents. My mom found all of their pills in a big in my room so that ended everything until I was 16. At 16, my parents separated and I started smoking weed, Xanax, Vicodin, Oxy, and cocaine. I quit when I was almost 18. I’ve gone back to this road a few times and still miss the feeling of getting high but I know what I want to do with my life. I believe that one day ill give in and become an addict. If I knew a dealer right now who sold pills, I would buy them. I am in Al-Anon for my moms drinking and know a woman who used to be a drug addict and goes to AA and NA. Should I talk to her about this?

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Answer by thomas
Surround yourself with people who don’t use drugs and make a life for yourself where you are happy despite not being high. I have faith in you ^_^

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