I Found Out My Fiance Has a Coke Problem?

Question by Casey: I found out my fiance has a coke problem?
I am now 2 months pregnant by my fiance that I have been dating for almost 5 months now….Well yesterday he proposed and I said yes. This morning I woke up to my mother who told me that my brother and law thought I needed to know that my fiance has a coke problem and that he has been doing it for a long time…….I had no idea I feel so stupid. So about an hour ago I talked to my fiance and confronted him about it and he said he does it accassionally and I found out he just did it with his friends last night.I COULDNT EVEN TELL HE WAS ON IT!!….I said you need to stop doing it or I can be in this relationship and he said he would stop…..WHAT DO I DO?? I am in shock

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Answer by Martin
We all have a lil bit of a coke problem

Answer by Babydoll
Dating for 5 months and he proposes? 3 months and you’re pregnant? WHAT!

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