I Have a Small Problem With Health. I Have High Blood Pressure at Just Age of 25 Please Give Me the Solution.?

Question by suresh_prajapati41: i have a small problem with health. I have high blood pressure at just age of 25 please give me the solution.?

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Answer by onasteewest
im 22 and have high blood pressure, let me guess its not a worry for the doctors your young. yah no anwsers, and you should get them from your doctor, sorry i hate doctors~

Answer by Keiko
Most of the time, no cause is identified. This is called essential hypertension. High blood pressure that results from a specific condition, habit, or medication is called secondary hypertension. Some reasons for secondary hypertension include:

Use of certain medications (such as appetite suppressants, cold preparations, and migraine medications)
Habitual alcohol use
Excess sodium (salt) in your diet
Anxiety or stress
Coarctation of the aorta
Renal artery stenosis
Drugs such as alcohol toxicity or cocaine
Renal disease

Have your blood pressure checked at regular intervals (as recommended by your health care provider) to monitor its condition and response to treatment.

A proper diet, weight loss , exercise, and salt and alcohol reduction are often recommended for patients with hypertension or pre-hypertension.

The goal of treatment is to reduce your blood pressure, which will lower the risk of complications. The goal is blood pressure at least below 140/90 and below 130/80 if you have diabetes or kidney disease.

If your blood pressure reading is consistently above 140/90 mmHg, your doctor may prescribe medication. If you have any other risk factors for heart disease, especially diabetes, your doctor will consider starting medications sooner rather than later.

Call your health care provider if:
If you have high blood pressure, you will have regularly scheduled appointments with your doctor.

In between appointments, if you have unexplained and persistent high blood pressure — this assumes home blood pressure monitoring — or any of the following symptoms call your health care provider right away:

Severe headache
Excessive tiredness
Visual changes
Nausea and vomiting
Chest pain
Shortness of breath
Significant sweating

What to expect at your health care provider’s office:
Your health care provider will perform a thorough physical examination. The physical examination will include blood pressure measurement . Your blood pressure may need to be monitored several times over a period of weeks or months.

He or she will also ask questions such as:

Time pattern
Has your blood pressure increased recently?
Did it suddenly become high?
What is your blood pressure reading?
When the blood pressure is measured on multiple occasions, what is the average systolic (top number) and diastolic (bottom number)?
How much has the blood pressure gone up within the past two weeks?
What is the blood pressure now?
What was the previous blood pressure?
What other symptoms are present?
Diagnostic tests that may be performed include:
Blood tests, such as a chem-20
X-rays of the kidneys
EKG or echocardiogram

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