Is Drug Rehab Effective for a Person With Addiction? and What Are the Services Offered by the Center?

Question by Mill Boon: Is drug rehab effective for a person with addiction? And what are the services offered by the center?
It’s because I want to enter my brother in a rehab center because of his addiction to cocaine. Also, can somebody give me an idea on how long the treatment process would probably take?

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Answer by hypejack
Drug rehabilitation is the only way to treat addiction to a particular drug or substance. Cocaine addiction is a serious disease that needs comprehensive treatment process like detoxification, counseling and other addiction recovery program.

Answer by Tony
Postive results at a drug rehab depends greatly on the person’s desire to stay clean and sober. Some programs are anywhere from 28 days to a year. Make sure your brother wants treatment or his chances of getting clean are slim.

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