Is It True Ritalin Is Chemically Similar to Cocaine and Adderall Is Chemically Similar to Methamphetamine?

Question by : Is it true Ritalin is chemically similar to cocaine and Adderall is chemically similar to methamphetamine?
I currently take Adderall for ADD (it works well for my symptoms) and am slightly curious/concerned. I used to take Ritalin and it didn’t work as well. I take it for adult ADD (I am 35 years old). Tried Strattera as well, and it was ineffective.

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Answer by Shawn K
no METH makes yu all bugged out and adderall makes you focused so way diff

Answer by Jon P
Yes it is chemically similar, but that doesn’t mean you are a meth addict because you take it. I took a similar drug for several years with no negative real negative side effects but switched to a non-stimulant just because I wasn’t a big fan of the idea either. If you are really concerned, you can talk to your doctor about other options. There are some medications for ADD/ADHD that are not stimulants, but like you said, they can possibly be less effective depending on the person taking them. Your best bet would be to do a little research on the topic and then go to your doctor with what you find and have them help you get a better idea of what it all means.

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