Is My Boyfriend Using Cocaine?

Question by : is my boyfriend using cocaine?
so ive been in a relationship for a little over 2 years. about a year ago i noticed my boyfriend changing…he finally told me he was using crack/cocaine. i dont know if he is still using or not. someone please tell me what to look for i cant keep going on not knowing.
i have asked him and he would deny it if he was using
does everyone that is on cocaine or crack get dilated or bloodshot eyes?
does anyone know what cocaine looks like in a used tissue? i have looked at tissues in the trash and they have little white/clear crystal/sugar looking specs in that the cocaine?

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Answer by LoveExploring
Unfortunately, it sounds pretty much like it, as from your description. Cocaine it’s like flour….
As in signs you would see that he is more hyper after he takes cocaine, and have energy for long periods of time, Eg: without getting sleep
I would speak up to him again, and dicuss this issue…
I don;t want to worry you, but my EXS used to do drugs, and it is really not something pleasurable… i mean, i wasn;’t happy about it (although they weren;’t addictors)….
Cocaine is VERY addictive,.. so be aware. I know that it hurts, but if he is doing cocaine QUIT the relationship…. drugs are really harmful (excapt maybe marujana not)

Answer by Shane
This the same boyfriend you expected of being a pedophile from your question the other day.?

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