Is Snorting Meth Heroin or Cocaine More Addictive?

Question by : is snorting meth heroin or cocaine more addictive?
because u always hear smoking crack or shotting heroin is the most addictive!
but what is most adiictive if snorted?
im not a drug addict for gosh sakes. if i was a drug addict i probably would have like sold my computer! im just wondering!

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Answer by Kaity.
shut up druggie.

Answer by Sam
The most addictive method of administration for any given drug is that which delivers it to the bloodstream – and thus the brain – the fastest. Which routes are faster than others varies from drug to drug, but intravenous injection is the quickest as it delivers 100% of the drug to the bloodstream all at once.

‘Shooting’ heroin is indeed the most addictive method, and injecting pure cocaine or methamphetamine would actually be more addictive than smoking either. Nothing is more addictive when snorted than when injected. The addiction potential of other methods of ingestion are based on how well they deliver the given drug to the blood. This is based on a lot of factors, such as how well the drug dissolves in water, and how it is differently metabolized in the various parts of the body you administer it to.

Generally, the order of drug administration methods from most ‘effective’ to least is as follows; inhalation (‘smoking’), followed by intramuscular injection, then insufflation (‘snorting’) and sublingual administration (underneath the tongue), subcutaneous injection (underneath the skin), and finally oral and rectal administration. This order does apply to cocaine, heroin, and meth.

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