Is There Any Way to Know if Someone Is Using Illegal Substances Other Than an Actual Test?

Question by officer_haislip: Is there any way to know if someone is using illegal substances other than an actual test?
I suspect my son is using illegal substances and when I questioned him about it he got very defensive and just kept saying he wasnt on anything and why i wouldnt believe him….. that made me even more suspicious. Can someone please help???

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Answer by mompoo
I would suggest that you go and check out his room…..

Answer by unknown_demon2003
Um you might look through his stuff but if you find something else that’s unrelated like maybe sex related forget you saw it, just keep your mind on what your looking for cuz it would be rude to just look through his stuff and find something its not as rude if your looking through his stuff FOR something specific and ignoring the other stuff

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