Long Term Effects of Cocaine?

Question by ##: Long term effects of cocaine?
my friend who is turning 21 this year, did coke when he was 19 whilst living in another city for a couple months. he didn’t get addicted to it, but he partied a lot with it… along with ecstasy and speed. he hasn’t done it since he moved though so it’s been two years.

ive been with him for about 4 months now and ive noticed how restless he is. when we’re just chilling around, he has to pace himself back and forth rapidly… he cant stand still or not have anything to do.

based on his personality i can tell he likes to feel strong, powerful, and productive, much like how coke made him feel when he used to do it. my question is… could his brief past with coke and other drugs have an impact on his behavior and personality now?
*my boyfriend

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Answer by Sims2
turns u old n ugly

Answer by Djordje
Well my favorite long term effect of not only coke, but all the other drugs he’s been taking, is jail. And to answer the rest of your question seriously, yes it could have an effect. Regardless of what he has told you, his need to be more confident and better than he is shows he was, in one way or another, addicted to one of the drugs. Longing its effects is one of the symptoms of withdrawal, but don’t dare let him go back, exercise and a healthy diet are great (cheesy I know, but great) ways to regain power and confidence in one’s life. Tell him to give a regular exercise routine a try.

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