Masturbation, Dopamine, and Drugs?

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Question by Greg: Masturbation, Dopamine, and drugs?
According to some research I’ve done, sexual masturbation, and ejaculation in males in general, leads to Dopamine release, which is the same “happiness” contributor in drugs such as Cocaine and Crack.

Now if this is true, masturbation can be a bad thing when used above moderation. It might not be as addicting as cocaine which potentially damages dopamine receptors (causing more needed), but over time it could cause a change in perspective of feelings, and neurotic damage in other senses.

Another thing released is also Serotonin, which is a key ingredient in anti-depressants. By masturbating above-moderately, you release higher levels of serotonin, which also go against day-to-day operations and normal human functions, and could possibly lead to further “addiction” to masturbation. I’d say almost as bad as overdosing on anti-depressants without the whole leading to death consequence.

Anyhow, what do you guys think? True? False? Improbable?

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Answer by miss H
Obviously a person can become addicted to sex, so could become addicted to masturbation too. But I don’t think it’s as harmful as some other addictions. And I think you can only get a certain amount of endorphins and serotonin if you masturbate, wherease if you OD on antidepressants you get a really artificially high level, which causes more damage.
I’d say go for it and masturbate away if it makes you happy!

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