My Brother Is on Drugs, Help Me Identify What Drugs?

Question by miss. diva: my brother is on drugs, help me identify what drugs?
my brother has been into cocaine b-4 also had been useing marajuna 2 a while, he also is an acholic….

he is on something new and i need help finding out what new drug he is on

.eating less
.weight loss
.really mean
.money hungry!
.those baled u use 4 lining and snorthing
.peices of tin-foil w/ burnt spts on them
.i found a suringe w/ no neddle?

and idk if any of these symptoms are being caused by the pot..but plzz help me find out what else he is on?…

Best answer:

Answer by Geo
It’s most likely heroin. Most hard drugs will cause all the symptoms you listed, but the burnt tin foil gives it away. There are only 2 common street drugs that are smoked on foil – heroin and crack cocaine – but crack wouldn’t explain the syringe, unless he’s injecting powder cocaine and smoking freebase at the same time which is somewhat unusual?

This doesn’t mean he’s only on heroin however. I would say the majority of heroin addicts use heroin (or other opiate substitutes) exclusively; however heroin is also often used to ease the cocaine comedown, and given his past cocaine use, he might actually be a cocaine addict who’s just dabbling in heroin. Still not a good position to be in though, unfortunately.

Answer by Jemay

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