My Father Is a Heavy Cocaine User and He Is Making Our Live Here in Florida Miserable. What Can We Do ?

Question by curious: My father is a heavy cocaine user and he is making our live here in Florida Miserable. What can we do ?
He hallucinates, stays up all night long yelling and cursing accusing family members of outlandish things. Our lives are in terrible dismay and we have no idea what can be done. If we go to the sheriff then they will want to put him in jail. He needs help but, how do you help someone who does not want it.

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Answer by ablex
Check with Narcotics Anonymous. I’m sure they have resources to help family members, etc.

Answer by bummed
You need to think about your family and whats best. Seek him professional help even a rehab center. it’s sad to hear these things but you can’t blind yourself seek him help drugs only destroy families.

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