Sugar Addiction – Sugar vs Cocaine and Facts About It’s Addictive Nature


Sugar Addiction – Sugar vs Cocaine and facts about it’s addictive nature – Vaughn from Spirit of Health discusses how sugar addiction is similar to cocaine addiction. For additional health information click on this link.


A summer exploring genes, sugar addiction and more

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Exploring topics such as how gene regulation works and whether sucrose can be as addictive as cocaine, 55 students chose to spend their summer with test tubes and microscopes, with research funding secured from a variety of sources: Summer Science …
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Khat Juice Drug Peddlars Arrested in Israel

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Unlike conventional addictive drugs like marijuana, hashish, and cocaine, there is a Middle Eastern drug that has slipped through the cracks of the authorities. Causing societal havoc in countries like Yemen, khat qat, gat or ghat, is a type of leave …
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Hans K. Rausing gets 10-month suspended sentence

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The bizarre case of two extremely wealthy, drug-addicted souls who had contributed millions to anti-drug charities reached its climax in court Wednesday when Hans Kristian pleaded guilty to preventing the proper burial of his wife. He was sentenced to …
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New painkiller regimen could put end to addiction and aches

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Another study conducted by scientists from The Scripps Research Institute hails a related drug, naltrexone, as one component that lessens cocaine addiction in rats as well. Find more information on the (+)-naloxone study here. Madelyn Kearns. Associate …
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