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Bienvenue en Louisiane: The Prison Effect

Bienvenue en Louisiane: The Prison Effect
… over the past 20 years. According to Blueprint Louisiana (a statewide citizen's group on reforms in criminal justice and education) “only 37 percent of offenders in Louisiana have been convicted of violent crimes…and the average sentence for drug …
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Hundreds Fill Cathedral for LAPD Officer's

Hundreds fill cathedral for LAPD officer's
Patrol · Use of Force · Vehicle Incidents · Women Officers · View All Research Topics · Video … "You took your time with me and treated me with tough love. You are my hero." Hundreds of people … Prosecutors allege that Qaneak Shaney… Continue reading

New Study Shows Cocaine Use Increases Immediate Risk of Stroke

New Study Shows Cocaine Use Increases Immediate Risk of Stroke
More than 25% of those in both groups reported a history of cocaine use. “Cocaine use is associated with a range of risky behavior and it clearly has direct health consequences as well.” said Pax Prentiss, CEO of Passages Addiction… Continue reading

Aurora Heroin Addict Starts Over

Aurora heroin addict starts over
When Lewis snorted his first line at age 18, he'd already used almost every imaginable drug: Marijuana. Cocaine. LSD. Ecstasy. Mushrooms. Pills. Heroin, though, was much more seductive. "It was just like someone had wrapped me in a blanket," he recalls …
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First Delegated Legislation Committee – Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (Ketamine Etc

First Delegated Legislation Committee – Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 (Ketamine etc
The advisory council reports that such compounds are extremely potent and carry a high risk of overdose in powder and liquid form. A large number of doses can be made from small … The compounds were most… Continue reading

{;[]^# Albendazole Dosage for Dogs

{;[]^# Albendazole dosage for dogs
I think that law enforcement has recognized that seizing the money hurts the drug dealers far more than seizing their cocaine. I am meeting with my doctor next week to talk about all the different … Treatment of patients and sex partners results in …… Continue reading

Community Control Extended for Blanchester Man

Community control extended for Blanchester man
Major's community control was continued, with the additional requirement that she successfully complete treatment at the Fayette Women's Recovery Center, as well as any aftercare. Major will remain in custody until April 14, at which time she will be …
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State Expert Says Spell Fit for Trial

State expert says Spell fit for trial
He also admitted to using cocaine, opium, mushrooms and angel dust in the past. Through review of his functional ability from his younger years, Hill said he had significant difficulties as a child. The difficulties include intellectual limitations and …
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CA Addiction Treatment Center

CA Addiction Treatment Center — – The Detox Center believes that no one has to suffer just because they are addicted to drugs and alcohol. We believe …

Who Controls our Government? The Psychopathic Corporate Elites of America
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Top Tory MP Resigns as Ministerial Aide Following Claims He Paid Male Escort

Top Tory MP resigns as Ministerial aide following claims he paid male escort
Methedrone was banned in the UK in 2010 and is a Class B drug dubbed "poor man's cocaine". Street slang often confuses methedrone with mephedrone – another illegal amphetamine-based drug. A series of … Mr Menzies'… Continue reading