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Shawn H. Cocaine Anonymous Speaker

Shawn H. Cocaine Anonymous Speaker — From Wikipedia: Cocaine Anonymous (CA) is a twelve-step program for people who seek recovery from drug addiction. CA is patterned very closely after Alcoholi…

Cohasset police crack down on heroin
Heroin distribution and abuse is the greatest drug threat in Cohasset and contributes to… Continue reading

Jane Lynch “I Got Sober With a Bunch of Straight Guys Who Had Been Cocaine Addicts” // SiriusXM

Jane Lynch “I got sober with a bunch of straight guys who had been cocaine addicts” // SiriusXM — Sign Up for a Free SiriusXM Trial: Raw Dog Comedy – The place for Comedy hits. Connect with SiriusXM Online Visit the SiriusXM Website…

Lamar Odom is ready for divorce… Continue reading

Watson: An Addict Asks for Less Stigma

Watson: An addict asks for less stigma
Last week's column described the drug-saturated life of an addict who started inhaling glue vapors regularly at the age of 13 and rapidly moved on to marijuana, cocaine, crack and heroin. … He had no choice but to join a treatment program and… Continue reading

What Are the Signs of Bipolar Disorder?

Question by Amy: What are the signs of Bipolar disorder?
My parents really think I have it, since I have rapid mood changes and bad behavior at times. Tell me some signs besides those two?
I also get extremely depressed one day and extremely joyous the next.

Best answer:

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Sucrose and Fructose – More Addictive Than Cocaine

Sucrose and Fructose – more addictive than cocaine — Presented by Professor Ian Macdonald, the University of Nottingham, at the Food Addiction Symposium 7 October 2013.

Police to take old drugs
According to the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, twice as many Americans—around 6.8 million—currently abuse prescription… Continue reading

Overcoming Addiction Depression Private Retreat

Overcoming Addiction Depression Private Retreat — One man speaks of his cocaine addiction and depression and his experience working with author teacher Ronda LaRue, in a private 3 1/2 day guided spiritual re…

The 1975: Bad boys rock on road
Some manage to overcome the hurdle and succeed, though many… Continue reading

Keeping Up With the Kardashians: Kim, Khloe Turn Bandit Queens

Keeping up with the Kardashians: Kim, Khloe turn bandit queens
Khloé has lost 30 pounds over the past six months after upping her workouts to five times a week when her marriage to Lamar began to crumble amid rumours he was addicted to cocaine and cheated on her with multiple… Continue reading

Natural Treatment for Adults With ADHD?

Question by kayla: Natural Treatment for Adults with ADHD?
My brother is in his 30’s and severely ADHD. He has all of the hallmark symptoms and has since childhood and as many adults who deal with severe ADHD he battles cocaine and amphetamine addiction. Has anyone had successful experience with… Continue reading

Cocaine Habit Might Speed Brain Aging

Cocaine Habit Might Speed Brain Aging
TUESDAY, April 24 (HealthDay News) — Chronic cocaine use may speed up brain aging, a new study suggests. British researchers scanned the brains of 60 people with cocaine dependence and 60 people with no history of substance abuse, and found that those …
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Addiction Treatment Locator – Addicted to Heroin or Cocaine. Can I Drink Anyway?

Addiction Treatment Locator – Addicted to Heroin or Cocaine. Can I drink anyway? — Addicted to heroin or cocaine. Can I drink alcohol. There is no try, said Yoda, there is only do. No you cannot drink alcohol. There are proven studies of th…

Parents shared drugs, trouble
Maldonado was… Continue reading