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Drug/Tech Withdrawal Symptoms Similar – Study

Drug/Tech Withdrawal Symptoms Similar – Study — A new study from the International Center for Media and Public Affairs at the University of Maryland found that teens across the globe suffer withdrawal symp…

TV Review: 'Archer' – 'Archer Vice: Arrival/Departure'
Pam (Amber Nash) gets a few last cocaine jokes in,… Continue reading

Hundreds Fill Cathedral for LAPD Officer's

Hundreds fill cathedral for LAPD officer's
Patrol · Use of Force · Vehicle Incidents · Women Officers · View All Research Topics · Video … "You took your time with me and treated me with tough love. You are my hero." Hundreds of people … Prosecutors allege that Qaneak Shaney… Continue reading

What Support Is There for Family Members of Someone Who Is Going Through Treatment for a Cocaine Addiction?

Question by cream: What support is there for family members of someone who is going through treatment for a cocaine addiction?

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Answer by kameo_44
go to counselling with them and also attend alanon meetings or group meeting at the counselling office their going to. you… Continue reading

Cure for Opiate Withdrawal Using Coke!?

Question by Robbie Young: Cure for opiate withdrawal using coke!?
theres a link for a study done showing cocaine can reduce opiate withdrawal significantly. Anyone do this before or have any info on it?

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Answer by canada_winnipeg_man
Opiate withdrawal is treated in several ways. Opiates include prescribed… Continue reading

Maine House Passes Bill to Add Drug Agents but LePage Threatens Veto

Maine House passes bill to add drug agents but LePage threatens veto
The measure also increases funding to the Maine Department of Health and Human Services to enhance drug treatment programs for addicts. The bill, LD 1811, as originally drafted would have added 14 new agents with to the Maine… Continue reading

Aurora Heroin Addict Starts Over

Aurora heroin addict starts over
When Lewis snorted his first line at age 18, he'd already used almost every imaginable drug: Marijuana. Cocaine. LSD. Ecstasy. Mushrooms. Pills. Heroin, though, was much more seductive. "It was just like someone had wrapped me in a blanket," he recalls …
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Community Control Extended for Blanchester Man

Community control extended for Blanchester man
Major's community control was continued, with the additional requirement that she successfully complete treatment at the Fayette Women's Recovery Center, as well as any aftercare. Major will remain in custody until April 14, at which time she will be …
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Top Tory MP Resigns as Ministerial Aide Following Claims He Paid Male Escort

Top Tory MP resigns as Ministerial aide following claims he paid male escort
Methedrone was banned in the UK in 2010 and is a Class B drug dubbed "poor man's cocaine". Street slang often confuses methedrone with mephedrone – another illegal amphetamine-based drug. A series of … Mr Menzies'… Continue reading

Police Reports for Sunday, March 23

Police reports for Sunday, March 23
Gabriel Lomba, 22, of Hazleton complained of shoulder pain and sought medical treatment on her own after a crash around 11:30 a.m. Sunday in the 600 block of South Poplar Street. Lomba was driving a 2006 Honda Civic that struck a 2004 Ford …… Continue reading

Attorney Turns Recovery Into a Resource

Attorney turns recovery into a resource
Attorney Elizabeth Quillin confers with attorney Brian Rutledge during DUI Court at the Clark County Regional Justice Center Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2014. STEVE … Just as her mother was finishing grueling treatment, Quillin's brother was diagnosed with …
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